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• Beautiful Gift for All Budget • Mother's Day Special!

Updated: May 7, 2021

May 2021.

Hello, our favorite homebodies!

This year, Mother's Day and Hari Raya are so close to each other, making them a great opportunity to show some love to each other. We understand that some of us are not so expressive in our words, making it seem hard to show appreciation and love to our dearest.

Luckily, the one whom we love might have "Gift" as their love language and this is where Césama Home will tune in into the moment! After all, who doesn't love a beautiful gift, are we right?

In this first blog of ours, *yay*, we're going to give you some beautiful gift ideas for any budget! We are so excited about this, so let's scroll to look at them even closely!


- S $ 8 0 A N D U N D E R -

So, do you know what she really appreciates?

Whether she loves having people over and cooking for them or enjoying her quiet time with beautiful scent on her own, we believe this category could put a smile on her face already.

*Read from left to right picture. All items are available @cesamahome.

  1. Woh Aromatherapy Burner - S$40.

  2. Gift Certificate - S$50.

  3. Kndi Vase - S$ 64.

  4. Aromatherapy Bundle - S$67. Contain 1 Woh Aromatherapy Burner + 1 Organic Essential Oil from @ThingsToCome. *Available in 3 scent options & 3 finishes of Woh Burner.

  5. Siji Lantern (Small) - S$62. Get the Bundle version with a flameless LED candle for S$70 or pair it with your own choice of candle/dried flowers!

  6. Kota Tray - S$72.

Perhaps you're excited about something bigger? >>


- S $ 2 0 0 A N D U N D E R -

*Read from left to right picture. All items are available @cesamahome.

  1. Ara Tray - S$82,-

  2. Gift Certificate - S$100,-

  3. Duo Siji Lantern S & Siji Lantern L - S$134,-

  4. Boca Stool - S$159,-

  5. Kulon Mirror - S$ 199,-


Did you already see something that you like?

We hope you do because we certainly are!

We started every piece with love, for love, and we hope they spread it into every home they are in..


Mona & Grace

Césama Home

| ethically made | sustainably sourced | small batched | artisan-made | home |

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