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• Mirror, Mirror, We're Sharing The Best Tips of Them All •

June 2nd, 2022 | Interior Tips | Inspiration |

This multi-tasker item is always on the top of our must-haves whenever we move to a new place. Not only they add depth, and lights spatially, they are simply practical and give a great styling impact. Don't you agree?

LEFT. via decouvrirdesign | RIGHT. Cat Han via Unsplash (modified)

As practical as mirror may be, there is always a more exciting way to put them. Let's hear our favourite mirror tips of all time;


Have you ever seen a mirror in a store where it's so beautiful you just wanted to take a reflection of yourself in it? We all do! Mirror too is a framed image, so you’ll want to make sure you place them where you'll be happy with what the mirror is reflecting.


Use them to lighten and deepen tighter space. A narrower part of the home, like entry ways are the perfect place to put them. Other than being part of your confidence boost (to check on all things before we leave the house), the light acts as your mood booster when you or your guest enter your space too!


Always have an accent mirror! Incorporating your personal style at your own space whether is is at your home or your office is important. Did you know that in Feng Shui, having mirror can double the good luck?

"if you place a mirror in your office in such a way that it reflects trees outside, you are inviting wood energy into your work. This represents growth and expansion in your career." - The Spruce Home


Do not hesitate to double them up or layer them goodness. Pair them with your art, lighting (pendant, standing lamp, candle lights, etc) for added spark in the space.


They don't just look good hanging. Lean them on your console or floor for a casual approach. It's one of our favourite easy-fix to change up the space or covering imperfection of the wall. It's a hassle-free for those who are living in a rented flat too!

(and psst.. they give a taller effect on the reflection too!)


It doesn't always have to be placed in the centre of the wall, try off centre. Just because. Play with the placement and place it on the shelf, rack, console.


Last but not least, we love pairing them with lights for double goodness. We love pairing them with table lamps, pendants, or even candle lights! They adds the most charming sparks to the room.

IMAGES of @cesamahome and @cesamahome client , Mrs Noryati.

Do you have your own favourite tips we haven't shared yet? :)

Leave them in the comment section! It's my pleasure to share with you.


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