In collaboration for Christmas Projects with Things to come

WOH Oil Burner (Sand) + Aromatherapy Oil by TTC

  • WOH OIL BURNER by Césama


    Artisan-made Aromatherapy Oil Burner in sand color, terracotta

    Dimension : H12m Ø13cm

    *Water-resistant interior

    *Our products are 100% handmade, any small discrepancy in size is tolerable.


    Aromatherapy Oil by Things to come

    Essential oil blends, available in 2 scents :

    - The K Blend: Lemongrass and Cedarwood. A dose of pure and therapeutic grade essential oils combining the powerhouses of a cleanse party. We love this duo for their anti-bacterial properties that help to keep the nasties. 

    - The W Blend: Lavender and Patchouli. This blend is a dose of pure and therapeutic grade essential oils combining calming and earthy scents. It's our magical potion for a calm state of mind when we allow the scent to take us to a realm of relaxation at any situation in life.

    Directions: Fill the bowl of the burner with water as necessary. Add 3 drops of essential oil (or more depending on size) into the diffuser, add the lited tealight candle on the bottom part. kick back, relax & enjoy. 

    *All blends are carefully crafted for our dogs' safe inhalation, and boast the same wellness goodness for ourselves. 

    *Do not leave your burners on unattended