Césama Home is a home decor brand that was born in 2019 in the lovely little red-dot,

by two home decor enthusiasts.

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It begins with our passion for natural materials, interior design,

and fine craftsmanship. We believe that integrating nature with home brings such beauty and strength that's beneficial for

our home, including our family.


Our current collection is presented for our love for bamboo, rattan, wood, terracotta, and stone. Their strength and beauty is our main inspiration.

Each piece of Césama collection is ethically and uniquely made

with high-quality materials that have passed an International standard.​

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We hope that our collection can bring your home the calmness and beauty we always feel from them.
We aim to actively produce and present selectively curated homeware as the collection grows, as we believe that well-designed products are a quintessential part of a happy home. 

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We're posting our Home Styling in IG Stories every Saturday! Stay tuned, and

we would love to hear from you! 👋🏼

With love,

from our home to yours Mona & Grace.