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Hello fellow homebodies!

As some of you are already a member of our Instagram community (we appreciate you dearly) and know that we have a Styling Saturday stories that went on since last year, we'd like to make our styling posts interactive and easily searchable in our website too.

Let's start with our recent stories. Today we'd like to share about making the most of the changeable aspects of our home. It's about choosing your home accessories and how we like to put it together. This will be the most fun and possibly the one that makes your home so personal (it is renter's friendly too!).

Key to accessorising is to have intriguing elements (from its shape, material, and texture) and composition so we will divide the blog in what is our favourite home accessories products and how we put them together.

Our Favourite Home Accessories

1. Plants (Parts) - makes every of room beautiful and lively

2. Natural Material - for a sense of humbleness and cosiness

3. Tray - a good and functional finishing touch

4. Mirror - the key to making the room feels brighter and more spacious

(Mirror Photos by This Blog)

5. Rugs - it just hugs the space together ;) and make it the cosiest

Composing The Home Accessories

One thing to remember when composing your accessories is about finding the balance. It means, finding balance in the sizes, heights, textures, colours, and its embodiment. It might sound complicated especially for you who are not familiar with it, but it is not as complex at sounds. In fact, it'll be easier to start with a focus on height. Choose a dedicated area to style and start playing with your accessories!

Let's go! Start with 3 elements and arrange them by height.

Try with > Shortest, Tallest, and In-between Height. This way it will make an asymmetrical "structure" that will look much more interesting.

Now we hope you had some ideas on how you'd like to make your own styling. Start small and have fun while trying. Check out some references we put below here for you. Comment if you like it and feel free to share your styling with us ;)


Césama Home

Reference pic by Pinterest

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