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• Césama Home, Our Hideaway guide •

Since we started our little Césama shop, home, and its dynamic have evolved so much in just a few years. Our home was once a place to have a brief catch-up and sleep after work, and then it became our working, studying, and resting space at the same time. And again, for some period, our home was a very private space with no guests allowed.

Home has been taking a big role in our family's lifestyle, habits, and character. So, creating space that would fill our essential needs, both physical and psychological, is a must-have.

So, every time we feel that the home is not giving the best joy, here are the good basic to start with;

Declutter & Organise.

Our home is our castle! And when we think about this, we should never keep junk inside. A clutter-free and orderly space are very important. It naturally creates a sense of calm because it creates a sense of order.

Buy mindfully, keep what you need, and give away the rest. It will feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off your shoulders, trust us!

*We are loving it that there are platforms like Carousell and Facebook group that would make it so easy to connect with others in. (Do you have any other platform you'd like to share?)

Keep it light and fresh.

We love fresh-light-toned paint! It takes us back to a holiday home where there are only things that soothe us, tailormade for rest. An open-plan living area, exposure to sunlight, fresh air, and the soothing smell of clean-fresh grass.

P.S. Mirror is a great alternative to bring light in smaller or lower spaces.

Invite nature in.

We spend so much time on the screen, sending the signals that give us the opposite of soothing. That's why we need to take nature in. Nature heals, that is just what it does. It brings not only great aesthetic to our home too, but also joy. It amazingly taps into our sensibilities that brings us all the energy we need.

So what kind of nature should we bring in?

01. Greeneries. Plants, trees, succulents.

02. Sunlight! Open your window and draw your curtains. As you open them physically, you might just broaden your senses and get a real-fresh breeze in your mind.

03. Our favourite, natural elements and handmade decor!

Did you know that earthy and natural home decor is really good for health? Yes, the power of nature and man combined are that amazing. They are not only beautiful, they give tons of character (with their textures and tones) to your space, versatile, sustainable, and lastly, each one of them was made with love and has their own stories.

Check out our favourite home decor @cesamahome

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After all, our home is our hideaway however you want to make them look. To us, it's a joy of making them our hideaway space and have a kind relationship with it.

Have an amazing week,



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